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Just Love... No Stigmas

At Love Doesn’t Hurt, we believe in a world where love knows no boundaries and stigmas are shattered. We are here to provide unwavering support and create a safe haven for victims in the LGBTQ community, particularly during times of emergency.

Welcome To Love Doesn’t Hurt

Understanding Your Journey

We understand that every individual’s experience is unique. That’s why we are dedicated to connecting you with personalized resources because we know that one size does not fit all.

Your well-being and safety matter to us, and we are committed to guiding you on a path to healing and empowerment.

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Our Mission

Responding to Violence in the LGBTQ Community

Our mission goes beyond providing immediate assistance. We are actively working to dismantle hate and reduce violence against LGBTQ individuals. By fostering education and collaboration with law enforcement, communities, community partners, and direct service agencies, we strive to create a safer world for all.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

About Us

Our History & Impact

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Raising Awareness

Since Love Doesn’t Hurt was established, we have witnessed a remarkable 256% increase in reported incidents of Intimate-Partner Domestic Violence to the police. This growth reflects our unwavering commitment to raising awareness and ensuring that the voices of survivors are heard.

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Multilingual & Accessible Support

Collaborating with esteemed organizations like Casa Luz, Out Memphis, and Latino Memphis, we have been able to extend our reach and support to diverse communities. Our services are available in multiple languages, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder access to crucial support and resources.

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Pioneering Change

Love Doesn’t Hurt is proud to be one of the first agencies focusing on Domestic & Sexual Violence within the LGBTQ Community in Shelby County. Our pioneering initiative serves as a beacon of hope and sets the stage for a more inclusive and compassionate future.

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Building a Stronger Community

We believe that strong community partnerships are vital to providing inclusive services to LGBTQ individuals who have been victims of crime. By forging meaningful relationships with Community Partners, we strive to enhance the support network available and empower survivors on their journey towards healing. 

Join us at Love Doesn’t Hurt and be a part of a movement that promotes love, acceptance, and safety for all members of the LGBTQ community. Together, we can create a brighter and more compassionate world.

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At Love Doesn’t Hurt, we strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for victims of violence. Our services range from emergency assistance to education and advocacy, catering to the unique needs of our clients in the LGBTQ community.

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